Way Opening

Way Opening

Starting this study is like starting a journey into a vast unknown of riches. I am learning there is so much out there to learn, so many paths I could take, so many possibilities. I’m starting to collect these – some are listed on the Blogroll and Resources sections to the right.

Given how many options there are, I would love recommendations – to find the the things that will really resonate for me, to find the unexpected. I would appreciate suggestions from you!

  • Have you read any good books related to the topic of environment and spirituality that you think I should check out?
  • Organizations that you think I should be aware of?
  • Articles in magazines?
  • Heard of any studies that have happened?
  • Have a blog or website to recommend?

Please comment here!



  1. Hi Laura,

    I just found your blog online and I think it’s great! I am in C3 in the Management program. I am also the Graduate Assistant for Institutional Advancement and I have a lot of questions about what you’re doing with your blog. Please email me when you have time.

  2. Hello again Laura,

    Another book suggestion for you:

    The One-Straw Revolution: An Introduction to Natural Farming
    by Masanobu Fukuoka
    Edited by Larry Korn

    This book explores a spiritual, practical, “natural” approach to farming by working with the earth’s systems.



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